Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh my Ninja!

Hey you guys. I just wanted to give a quick yodel to the TBTL Tens who are seeing me because of the blog roll!

To my regular readers: I'm kind of addicted to a great show that Ira Glass of This American Life says is "revolutionizing talk radio" called Too Beautiful to Live, with Luke Burbank, the guy from the late Briant Park Project and who substitutes from time to time on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. It's a radio show that combines Kanye West and the New Yorker as they describe, and I find it quite apt. Anyway, on TBTL, they refer to their "tens of listeners" (as opposed to "hundreds of listeners"), and so listeners are called The tens.
As a way of making us Tens aware of each other, one of the Tens in New York (the show itself is out of Seattle) started a blog roll, which is just a list of blogs done by TBTL listeners, all very snarky, smart, and charming, and I hope that my bloggo fits decently into that group!

Thanks fellow Tens, and let me say, I'm giving the blog roll a big "RAWR!"


Landry said...

Rawr to the Tens Blog Roll!

nick said...

Nick from the Kansas Tens checking in. Love your blog. I give it an awesome. RAWR!