Friday, October 2, 2009

24 Kate Blackout

I am endeavoring something (do you endeavor something or to do something...whatever...that) either brave, dangerous or stupid, but I am almost 24 years old, and age has made me Reckless--RECKLESS I TELL YOU!

No, it's not that thrilling. I'm participating in a 24-24 comic challenge. I will go to a comic book store in Chicago that has been shut down, and me and some other folks will have 24 hours to make a 24 page comic book (usually people do about 3 pages per day)...starting from scratch.

Why am I doing this?

1. I like comics. They entertain me, and I have learned a lot of my current French from them.

2. I want to hone my creativity. I've always wanted in some capacity to write, to express the stories I have stored up in my brain, and this is a way to do this in which I'll have other people around to keep me honest

3. I spend a lot of my days looking for stuff to do, and this is certainly "stuff"

4. Being locked in a comic book store with a bunch of folks will either yield new friends or new stories

5. Because 24-24 is not as much of a competition as it is a personal challenge...I WILL TOTALLY WIN!

6. Anything that I come up with in terms of an actual comic will be posted here (though I can't be sure when)

So I will be "OUT" on Sunday afternoon and groggy in the evening, but I hope that this challenge will serve the purpose of any challenge: to push me to lengths that I have yet to push myself.

So wish me luck, and if you're lucky, you, loyal reader, might make it into the pages of HISTORY (but more likely, just into the pages of my comic)

I did NOT do this illustration--Adrian Tomine, one of my heroes, did

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