Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kate's Time in Switzerland: Day 1

My first full day in Switzerland we went to the Montreaux Jazz Festival, which is a BEEG deal, and Philippe's Big Band was playing there...which was also a BEEG deal! He played solos on a ballad called "Butter" and "Mambo" from West Side Story.

That's him without flash on my camera...sorry it's so fuzzy.

This is his band, the Big Band of the Conservatory of Lausanne

The director you can see in this picture hunched over, thought Philippe and I were worthy of going to the VIP section. There we sat for about an hour drinking beer, talking (me trying in French). The director thought my attempts at French were adorable, or "Chou" meaning "cute." I talked mostly to Philippe's friend, Jean-Eve, who is really nice but quiet, and the soloists weren't talking to him as much (NO ENGLISH! NO ENGLISH!), and I'm nice. Everyone had fun, and it was WILD being in the VIP section at the MONTREAUX JAZZ FESTIVAL! Very cool, even though I was pretty jet lagged.

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