Monday, November 10, 2008

Dear Germany...huh?

So I have no clue what's going on with German holidays; sometimes they sort of happen, and that's why I assume these things started popping up on the streets around, but I have to admit, these decorated IKEA lamps hanging in the air on an early November evening...a little weird.

This music store is in the middle of a residential neighborhood, but they have one too...

I like this one...the blue gets me, but the lips (or "leeps"
as some would say) look hella-creepy!

You know, this could be a great illustration of a red blood cell!
Angela The RedBlood-Cell-a

This restaurant did a darn good job on their fish! Bravo!

This one maybe had something to do with the wine shop,
but I didn't get the tie-in between the dangley dealies and the wine...thoughts?

This guy looks...hmm...what emotion would I pick for it?
It looks like he's a junior high school boy who asked out
a really cute girl, and she said "No," and he slams his head
into his locker like "GAWSH! You're such a DORK, Jared!"

I can see up its skirt I think. Do fishes wear skirts? Are these things fishes
or are they supposed to be like abstract artistic figures?

I wish I had a decent vantage of this thingy, because
they kinda went all-out.

This guy is pretty typical, but he's the first one you see on the street.

I am remembering a time in Tuebingen, one night walking in a field past the student ghetto I ran into a troup of little kids with bobbing lights on sticks, some Catholic holiday. They were lamps like from an era in which you'd put these things on your Gondola because you weren't fancy enough for gas lamps. Them wacky Catholics!

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