Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am an anthropologist sometimes

Last night I bought my membership to the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. Largely, it's because I can't afford to go as much as I want, and now it's free, and I want to be able to call myself a "patroness of the arts."

I lucked out too, since that night in the cafe they were having a concert of this sound artist who did a lot of really smart things with synth and visuals projected onto he ceiling to match. It was like a hallucination scene from Star ItalicTrek had run into an interactive screen saver.

I had just took another run through the Italian exhibit, Italics, (which I sono el migliore) and I sat with a mocha listening and being the only one, in a room full of cool artists, in business casual. It was really cool though to get deep inside my own head with that kind of music.

Then as I was leaving I ran into a huge crowd of people in tight jeans, leather jackets, and hair in pompadours, like in the 1950s!! Turns out there was a book signing there from an author who wrote the book on rockabilly culture. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, google "rockabilly". They had cigarette packs tucked into their sleeves, and the women wore short bangs, red lipstick, and saucy clothes. It was so strange, especially since I was still in that meditative place that kind of music engenders. They were loud and excited, and I was...still in business casual from work, and then wandered in the design students who come in on Tuesdays to find inspiration, and the whole foyer looked like a fight scene from a Mel Brooks film, but minus the fighting.

I have to say, this is a great city, and if you just open yourself up to adventures, they are there, and they aren't hidden too far beneath the surface.

PS. you'll have to forgive any change in tone of this piece...I'm writing it at coffee before work, and it is very early indeed. Thanks to Corner Bakery though, for letting me take their wifi!

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