Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our Reactions to NU's Outback FAIL

So the NU Wildcats were playing the Auburn War Eagles in the Outback Bowl. I'll say right now, we haven't won a bowl game since 1949, so I wasn't expecting too much, and we played like I expected for the first half, at which point I sent this message:

BUT THEN we started catching up, but Demos, our kicker, kept missing field goals and extra points just when we needed them, so I sent out this one, referring to our team:

Demos then had a chance to win us the game with a field goal at the end of regulation time, BUT HE MISSED, and then we went into overtime where we handed them the game. 35-38 Auburn:

One of my fellow Northwestern fans had this to say about the "Cardiac Cats"

My friends and family were a little more surprised by our "performance"...

...but the Cats who went down to Florida for the actual game were pretty united in their sentiment

So I am a bit torn, to be honest. On the one hand: we made it to a good bowl game (this was NOT the Motor City Bowl), and we scared the pants off Auburn (who rushed the field TWICE prematurely and generally acted like jerks), and we took it into overtime, which is more than I expected. On the other hand, we lost for stupid reasons (DEMOS, interceptions, DEMOS), and the game managed to bring my hopes up very high and then dash them VERY low. So...thanks for that, 'Cats. See you next year.

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