Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ladies and Gents...We Have a Place

I've been in America for quite some time now, being with Ryan at her wedding, and that has complicated my search for an apartment in Berlin quite considerably. After much searching around (big ups to for that one...everyone must go!) and 10 emails sent per day, I got a response by a woman named Kristen, saying that she, living in Tempelhof, very close to the cool neighborhood of Kreuzberg but near an airport, which gave me pause. She also didn't post the pictures of the apartment on the site, which struck me as sketchy.

The description and placement did win me over: Green, quiet neighborhood, she's loaning me her bike when I live there, my room is G I A N T and it has lots of windows, and the place has the internets already! Nice setup, so I accepted, my other option being a rather small, further-off place in a grimly paved corner of Berlin that looks worse as time goes on. I therefore present.............MY PLACE!!!!

This is my bedroom, notice the awesome windows, and-oh yeah-it's furnished!

This is the kitched, which I share with a roommate, some gal who is working for the German Senate at the moment. Notice the GARDEN in the back, innit pretty?
This is an other view of my awesome room of greatness, but I do hope someone moves that might be good to dry underpants on or something, but it don't really fit my style...neither does the beanbag, but I'm sure I'll find something to do with it, or just have it there as an ironic think-piece!

And last but not least, the bathroom, which bares a slight resemblance to my one in Tuebingen, but this one is not shared between 10 people, so it suits me fine!

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