Monday, September 1, 2008


Abschied- when someone leaves

Ok, so this whole thing started when someone told mom (and I’m going to go ahead and put that on Mrs. H on account of she arranged fabulous ones for Ryan and Brooks’ kick-booty reception) that you can order M&Ms with phrases on them and in special colors. So mom goes online and orders lots of them in purple and white (NU colorsNUrple). Then we had these M&Ms, so what do you do with them?

Also, Lösungen gibts’ immer...and the solution to our little problem came in the form of mom being a homemade ice cream ninja. She proceeded to make barrels of ice cream for about 2 days, blackberry frozen yogurt and vanilla, buying toppings (3 kinds of oreos, choco syrup and whatnot) and throwing in a fruit arrangement for show/garnish. She sent out really cute invites with the tag line

“Obama…Reagan…Kennedy…Kate? Join in celebrating the tradition of great Americans haranguing the people of Berlin

the whole 9 yards.

If you make ice cream, they will come. I won’t go too far into the guest list, but let’s say that a great good number of my close Texan friends—and I mean people who have known me for around a decade if not more—were there. I awkwardly made the rounds in my monacle, bubble pipe, and “FULBRIGHT” sash mom had made, schmoozing, hugging, and explaining what I’ll do there. I also busted out the camera in a panic once Kayla had left (and a messy, southern, Lutheran, eye-makeup ruining crying spasm ensued between the two of us). Here’s what I got!

This is not a flattering one of me but it's the only one of the bubble pipe in action, so for YOUR sakes, readers, I put it in.

See, these folks are so sweet that they even turned ME into a hugger...can you believe?! I can't either!

BOW BEFORE THE FULBRIGHT, PLEBEIANS!!! (Just kidding, they're my friends and are awesome, but these gifts pleased me)

I was actually not as pleased, it would seem, so I demanded fanning...Ryan's dad was amused.

Mom and Mrs. Yvonne jump into the political fray, giving republicans booze.

I feel bad because I didn't get any pictures of the work room, which was absolutely, floor-sitting room only, packed with people, but I guess the camera didn't migrate that far.

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