Monday, September 29, 2008

This IS my Angry Face

ok, so maybe I am a mega-dweeb, but I kind of JUST A TINY BIT like Mondays. Think of them this way: it's a chance to start all over, and I was taking that in the literal sense of the word. Today I had redone my power point presentation (I think the cool people say PPP), I had some activities for the students (This half of the room has to pretend to be Republicans talking about gun control, and this half has to respond like the Dems)...the whole 9. I was stoked, because the teacher for the first class, Rudy, was funny, he was enthused, he said this class was "nice." This was going to BE A GOOD DAY!

So I get to school, to my wonderful desk (I have a's kind of sparce, and there are sex ed handouts in the drawers), and I wait for Rudy to pick me up and go to the classroom. And I wait. and I wait. and I--DAMMIT! NOT AGAIN! So I find out the room and go, hoping that he'll be there a bit irked that I was showing up late but in a rather forgiving place. I had hoped.

He was not.

So it's me in a hallway with the kids (I don't get keys yet), and Ulli swings by. Deus ex machina he opens the lab door, and everyone walks into a dimly lit, quiet, warm computer lab. So I started like I did last time, trying suck up time and "practice English" but this time I had a PPP and the minute Rudy got in I was ready to borrow one of his dry-erase markers, turn on that computer (I'm not given the log in information), and WOOOO!

But that never happened.

Instead a bunch of mouthy 16 year olds chatted with each other till I started trying to do the presentation, but the best way to say it is "they weren't feelin' it," so I went straight to the activity, hoping they'd learn something from it. That didn't go so awfully. I think they hated it less than me talking, and then they were supposed to go to the student council elections for second period. Come to find out, the voting took 5 minutes, and then they were supposed to come back to class. DANG IT! So I returned to the classroom in a state of shock, and no one was waiting at the door. they'd just collectively decided to skip second hour. Fine by me. That was ANNOYING. Turns out that it was "excursion day" and Rudy had gone somewhere with his homeroom class...and had forgotten me? I hope he just forgot, because this hazing is getting REALLY ANNOYING.


So I come back to the teacher's lounge FROTHING AT THE MOUTH! I mean, Rudy was supposed to be on my team. But it was ok, I found a class with which to spend some time, Henning's English class, and this was one of the good ones. They were in small groups, talking, giggling, the room was well lit and cool. It picked up from the earlier hour I was told, but I had a good time, joking with people about Springsteen.

The last class of the day that I was supposed to present to was Jon's. Jon is a Kate fan, and his classes are too, but...errr...I went to the room and NOT EVEN THE CLASS WAS THERE! I checked the tech room, but Jon hadn't been around all day, so I guess he just ABSCONDED WITH A WHOLE CLASS OF GERMAN KIDS?!?!?!

Apparently they had...somewhere else(?)

Anyway, it seems that Germany is in sore need of Kate opening a can of whoop-*** on some teachers. We'll have a come-to-Jesus meeting tomorrow and hopefully straighten this out.

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