Friday, October 3, 2008

Let Them Eat Currywurst

Well, today is German Unification Day. That does not mean this is the day when the wall fell...that day fell on an already troublesome anniversary, so they celebrate the constitutional reunification day instead.

I asked all my colleagues how the celebrate 3 Oktober, and I heard
"I don't celebrate it."
"I sleep"
"The foreigners go to the Brandenburg really shouldn't though."
and "I'm going to mow my lawn"

But I did choose to go, see what was shaking. Turns out the big festivities are in Hamburg this year, so all there was here was a street festival, which was actually rather good since I forgot to bring along my camera again. After searching the tubal-interwebs, however, I found some equivalents of the pictures I would have taken. BUT BACK TO THE FESTIVAL: It was...not really specific to 3 Oktober. There was currywurst a plenty, pretzels, baked almond stands, everything you'd see
Christmas market - the cuteness.

I'll take pictures at XMas I promise.

I had a piece of Hungarian fry bread and a cup of GERMAN coffee, which is unmistakable from the taste, and wandered amongst the crowd of non-berlin accents and other languages. The funniest part of the whole affair was that the victory column wasn't visible from the Brandenburg gate. Why? Because a kitschy Ferris wheel was RIGHT in the line of site! So I arguably saw the golden angel...maybe.

Not today, folks!

At the gate there was a stage, but when I asked around it turns out that a bunch of artists were playing.

Let me tell you all a little about why I didn't stick around for the concerts: the music is of a genre we just don't get. The music is neither good nor bad, but it's not music that we understand. Most Germans I hang out with are aware of the genre but take no particular joy in it, it's just something very GERMAN. I'm not a cultural imperialist, but I just don't get it.

What am I doing instead? Writing, reading a bit, tidying up, going out for coffee. Philippe is coming tomorrow, and I have a birthday coming up, so I'm trying to do more things that I like. That means movies, coffee, music (casual consumption), hanging out.

An entry is also in the works about my week, sorry it took so long to get that out.

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