Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Numbers on the Calendar Correspond to Days!

So my tickets said I leave on the 24th for Vienna, and that's a Friday, but I somehow got it in my brain that it was a Thursday, so I spent the bulk of Wednesday kvetching about having to get up at 4 the next morning, till Jon mentioned
"and, one thing, you're coming Friday right?"
Planning FAIL!
So I had an extra chunk of time which actually proved beneficial since as of Wednesday my room was a mess, and NO clothing was dry (and visions of my night with Kiira blow-drying her sweater were flashing in my head). With all my free time I decided to go out, but people were not really available for a last minute beer, so I decided to see a movie. The film in question (translated) was The Art of Negative Thinking.

It's a rather funny Norwegian movie about--well--misfortune. I got there early, as is my way, while the projectionist was setting up. I sat in the very back and yelled "EVER DREAM YOU'RE THAT GUY FROM CINEMA PARADISO?" A muffled voice replied "Yeah, but the film isn't burning. You shouldn't sit in the back, the projector and all that plus the sound bouncing makes it hard to hear the movie" and we had a nice chat through the wall, complete with New German Cinema references, before the previews (which promising).

The movie itself was the greatest kind of dark humor, about the empowering feeling you get from laughing snarkily at look on the bright side philosophy, a movie it was high time that I see!

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