Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vienna Day 2

Ok, so I'll admit I wasn't too...fresh for the bulk of the morning hours. That's all I will say about that, but I ended up with a good part of the afternoon free, so I picked out a castle, Schloss Schoenbruen, and we went. Perfect for my level of capacity, the sky was overcast but cool, so I was having a ball already.

It's one of those sprawling estates with about 80 gardens and statues and fountains and fake ruins for people in petticoats to wander about in, and we followed their lead, shuffling fall leaves over the green grass with our feet and chatting.

I think/hope this little Austrian was getting ready for Halloween.


Note the parallels

Aforementioned fake ruins

BE the statue!

Massive castle!!!!!!!!!

I think this is called the Orangerie

On our way out some hours later we ran into a wedding of some kind with what's the most pathetic bridal party car I've EVER seen.

That's it, a dish towel on the mirror and carnations
taped to the hood...Y'ALL!

Followed by another tour of the city, this time from someone who KNEW and not from his Norwegian-language guidebook, and then back home. That night I got a glimpse of Vienna's nightlife, which reminded me quite a bit of Houston's style, just sans the more indie brewery style/coffee places. A really cool evening.

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