Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vienna: Day 1

Things about an airport at 5AM
-the bakeries in it are open and serving coffee (thank GAWD!) the airport...who knew
-people move more purposefully, no stopping in the middle of a hall to look at teddy bears in BERLIN! tee shirts
-it's really weird

So I landed at 7:30ish in Vienna, where I only had to wait for 10 minutes for Jon to materialize. Impressive! He showed up remarkable well dressed for a college kid early in the morning, but I still didn't feel too bad about my looks. A belle needs some time to get her face on, and I simply hadn't had it.

The spread when I got back was a tribute to hospitality, ear plugs included! Then I was left to nap to sleep off the trip while he went to school, which I eagerly did till his also insanely nice roommate woke me up, asking after my pillow situation with an almost impenetrable accent. That got me up, so I assembled myself for a stroll on the town, where I was inundated with historical churches and castles (ask me at a later time how I feel about THOSE) and tour guides in pantaloons and wigs. Amongst this circus I wandered, getting in good looks at the downtown till Jon got out of class, at which point we had a schnitzel

<-- Not exactly like at all

and got supplies for our Halloween party costumes

Get it? I'm the American economy!
The party was in what my Tuebingen friends might know as StuDo, a big apartment building whose ground floor had been taken over by exchange students from all over. There was even one from Bellinzona (see Ticcino) who went to Phil's university! The Ticcinan was so shocked that I knew his town, he kept asking "no,really,how do you know us?!?!" Then there were the usual suspects for a StuDo party, the few Americans, tall Dutchmen/women, the Nordics, even two rather unpleasant Germans!

Yes, Europe, two of the most promising futures on the may cry now

Spelling "Attitude" for the Halloween Costume: FAIL!

It felt like I was back in Germany in 2006, and that was nice, I'll admit.

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