Thursday, September 25, 2008

You Germans are Seriously CUTE

So I had an awful day yesterday in of those days where the kids are little meanies, and I can't talk to them at all. The teacher, Rudy (not real name) was on board with my presentation, thought it was good, and after he saw how sad it made me that I couldn't get at these kids, and he was like "Look, these kids just don't do or think about ANYTHING. You were great." But I still plan to work on my delivery. I can't control those little jerks, but I can control myself.

Anyway, after this day of ickiness I went into Berlin to wander a bit and just kind of chill (secret mission: buy a thermos for coffee), and I get out at Alexanderplatz and see TONS of people (the news says 10,000 at least) in coordinated tee shirts protesting hospital financing. Some doctors and hospital personell coordinated this, and so everyone from nurses to med students from all over showed up in another protest of something that would NEVER merit a protest in the States.

I am proud of those little guys. Like any protest there were some crashers, and I was treated to the delightful sight of anarchists with flags waiting impatiently at the train ticket machine. "Come on, Brad! We'll miss the train. What? I think we're in an ABC zone, so just buy the 3 Zone ticket." Some anarchists!

Then there were Danes all over my train, which was cool, and I finally guessed right what they were accurately. Usually I ask if they're Danish but they're Swede, and oops! So the day ended well, especially when I had drinks with my Tandem partner, a girl whose parents came to Germany from Iran like in Persepolis. She loves literature and theater, and it was great to talk to her. I think I have planted the seeds for a German friend!

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