Monday, September 15, 2008

some good news

So to live in Germany, I first have to register with the police, then the Citizen's Office, and lastly with the Foreigners Office, and I had planned for today to be the day when I--you know--do all that. I have a ton of forms with official stamps on them, lots of numbers I can fill in blanks with. So I call them up to make an appointment at the Police Office, and we have the following conversation:

Me: Hello, I was wondering if I could make an appointment for an "Aufenthaltserlaubnis" (residency permit)
Lady: Not today.



Harpy: Today the Officers are striking

Me: oh, so I can't even make an appointment today like for another day?

Harpy: Exactly. Goodbye.

What the heck, guys?!?! I was told at my school that Beampte (public servants) aren't ALLOWED to strike, and WHY are they striking today and I come from America where WE have something to strike about.

<-- This ain't happenin today, volks!

there are two sides to every coin

and today I decided to use this break and do everything BUT register. I opened a bank account , deposited my leftover moneys for safety, and now the Department of State can start giving me moneys.

Double plus: I have a whole afternoon to write letters and a blog post about Sunday, so hang in there everyone and you should be hearing more shortly. Don't go on strike when I'm away!

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