Saturday, September 13, 2008

I am Beginning to Love This Town

So roomie and I took out our bikes today. I insisted on wearing a helmut, but I'm glad I did because people here ride their bikes quite aggressively. We found this great place, Bergmanstrasse in Kreuzberg, not 5 minutes from here, just down a hill. It is so cool, I don't know how they let me in there! I mean, everywhere is a wifi signal and a coffee shop full of the same crowd you'd see in Belmont but perhaps a bit scruffier. Finally, a place I can wrap my head around and love...and get a cheap coffee!

This street reminds me of Copenhagen, but it's just a side street. Wanted to give my fair readers a feel of the place. I live 2 blocks behind (but Germans/Europeans don't have blocks, so...whatever you call that distance)

This is what Bergmanstrasse looks like, lots of hip shops. I had breakfast at the big yellow place today with roomie; it's a store devoted solely to garlic and stuff like hummus and pasta...with garlic in it. They serve a mean Turkish coffee though, and you can get a breakfast, coffee, and two pieces of chocolate (one for you, one for your friend) for under 5 Euros.

Has anyone seen Ghost World? Does this look familiar? If not, then it's just weird, and it probably is too if you have seen it.

OMG! They drive Hybrid cars here too! And what a hybrid it is!

It looks like an octopus wrapped itself around the building or something. Check out the green tentacle with the pearl-looking thingy on the end. I don't know why or what it is, but I enjoy it quite a lot.

Yes...let us rock...let us rock the hizz-ouse with our Engrish.

Yeah...weirder still...

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