Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Movie in a Tavern/Brewery

Well, I had school yesterday, my first day of giving presentations, and it was tiring. You tend to forget how purely AWFUL being 13 is, and when I'd ask a question or try to start a fun, relaxed, "Look, teacher's sitting on the desk" thing, I was greeted with SILENCE and bored looks. Luckily I got to go out with A and R (see my Cavalry entry) and their neighbor to a movie that night. The film, Couscous with Fish, was being shown at something called the Kulturbrauerei, and from what I can tell, it's an old brewery that is now full of indie theaters, smoking Germans, art installations, small movie theaters, and a bar whose second word was "Twister" and whose first name starts with a T...THE MATH HERE ISN'T HARD TO DO!

It's really cool. Here are some picts!

This is a map of the brauerei...it's HUGE! PLUS it's on Schoenhaeuserallee, which my family lived on in 2004 for two weeks, like, BEFORE it was cool to do so. That makes us PRE-COOL!

This is a view of part of the interior, huge, brick, cool looking, but HELL on high heels.

Exterior: Brauerei

The movie was a French movie, so it seemed at the beginning like that movie Soul Food, which has a MODERATELY HAPPY ending, but by the time you remember, "Hey, this is a French movie!" things have taken a turn for the worse that just keeps going...and going...and you can't look away, and it's just sad. Don't go see it. But DO go to the Kulturbrauerei! It is--as they say--THE HAMMER!

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