Monday, September 22, 2008

Welcome to Germany...Take a Number

So at last I can stop doing all the nuts-o paperwork to make up for all my stuff being stolen! YAY!

...and now I can start on the nuts-o paperwork that is meant for just everyday foreigners! Yay?

This is what I brought with me when I showed up to the Citizen's Office (BUERGERAMT), including my "wait in line" number, passport, rent form, certificate of fellowship, etc etc etc. I have, of course, edited out my name and information from the pages

So I wait with my number until it is called (like being in the DMV and of course just as heartening), and then I go to this frighteningly cavernous hallway where I wait for an inscrutable Frau von M to open the door, let me in, and process my paperwork

So there I sat, with papers full of information in German, and she goes to town without really acknowledging me, the human behind them. As I sat there I noticed the stamp on her orderly desk, sitting in the ink, the thing that defines her job. Germans LOVE to stamp stuff, I have to say. I figured, since she was kind of ignoring me anyway, and I was tired of schwitzing the whole affair, I would just draw, which I did, and which she didn't seem to notice:

I included a bit of text in this, but the funniest part of the writing is actually under the picture, but it has a swear word, so we're not going to include it. Anyway, now I have registered with the police, so I just have to register with the Foreigner Office (AUSLAENDERAMT). Woot?

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