Tuesday, September 2, 2008





I'm freaking out hardcore...3 hours to liftoff! I have all my papers, records, my absentee ballot form, etc etc etc. It's a little scary that in a little more than a day I'll be over THERE, but I should be better than last time. The only thing I worry for is all my luggage, toting it around, but since I don't have anywhere to be at a specific time (landlord says we should get together in "zhe afternoon"), I think I can manage, just take little breaks and stay hydrated.*

* And for you folks who think that I'll be drinking beer when I say "hydrated," you're more than kind of mistaken. Germans don't live on beer as a substitute for water. It's a sporty country, and they know that when you're dehydrated, only good ole' H2O will do the trick. They just like to put bubbles in theirs (I know, weird, right?)

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