Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Ball's In Y'all's Court

I have a challenge to my creaTiVe and WoNdeRful readers:

I am getting into stenciling tee shirts (it's fun, and I'm not too shabby at it, and it takes up a lot of time I would otherwise be spending starting a street gang), and I managed to fall into TWO Fulbright tees (not on purpose). I therefore plan on stenciling one with SOMETHING.

Description of Shirt:
It's a navy blue Fruit of the Loom with a small, white "Fulbright Germany" logo on the left.

I want to put something kind of snarky on there, and here's what I'm thinking so far:
-a ninja on the bottom right corner
-"and you're not" on the back of the shirt (that's a little braggy)
-old school nerd glasses

I put it to you, my readers, to help me come up with a decent idea.
Why am I doing this now? Well, this is what I ran into yesterday:

That's right...snow!
I need something to do to stave off the cabin fever!


about this blog. said...

What shape is the logo? If it's a circle, I recommend a soccer player kicking the logo. Excuse me, I meant Fussballspieler.

Kate said...

ooh, it's kind of an oval, but a fussballspieler like falling down and kicking up could be quite geil(and complex enough to keep me busy on my commute!). My readers are smarties!