Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So I am going to make a bold statement, a "hot sports opinion" if you will and it is going to be shocking but I stand by it and if it costs me my ties to society then so be it!

Showers are amazing

There, I said it. I skipped a class of one particular teacher a few weeks back to see philippe off home, with the teacher's consent, and as payback I volunteered to go to his little kids' class, the kids who repeat everything I say and think I'm cool. They are in the first hour of the day, but I didn't worry too much.

That was then.

I went to sleep last night relatively early for me and set my alarm for the regular Tuesday time, when my classes start at 3rd period. Oops. So rather than a 5:30 AM wakeup I got up at 6:30, started running my shower (solar heating means the water runs for quite some time) and looked at the clock to realize "CRAP! I SHOULD BE OUT THE DOOR IN 2 MINUTES!" no time for a shower, I ran off to school leaving behind all my pens, pencils, and paper and of course the key to the school's teacher's bathroom. I did, however, make it 10 minutes late to class, wearing a hat to cover my greasy hair and blotting off the rest of yesterday's mascara. And did I mention my throat was raw? I think I'm getting a bit of a cold. Anyway, I was "standing next to myself" as they say.

Then came the 5th hour, my one free hour, and then one last class. During this time, though, the teacher of the 6th hour class came to me and said "I can't really fit you in today." YES! SHOWER HERE I COME!

But then she gave me that annoying-as-heck face and said, "but I'll ask you to be in next week." well, next week I'm supposed to be in another person's class, so I had to orchestrate the switch "I'll take your class this week, even though it should be next, but mrs. J wants to be next." my shower was getting further away. My heart sank.

I would have settled for this even!!!

After a rather annoying class I ran back to the staff room to get my stuff and bolt, but the woman I "team teach" with cornered me to plan out a test and all I could think was "ok lady, I am standing here and feel so grodey. PLEASE just email me about that later after I clean off!" and she somehow picked up on my mental waves and let me run to the bus (great! unshowered and sweaty), but I got home, took a shower, and know what? It was pure bliss.

--Insert angelic AWWWWWW sound here--

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