Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back Issue #1: En Route to Oslo

Schonefeld is without a doubt the worst planned and handled airport like ever and for the following reasons:
1. It is in the middle of nowhere
2. It is serviced by a hella sketchy Sbahn that shows up basically when it wants to and almost never when you want it (a vendiagram would be useful on this case)
3. it is in the eastern quarter if the city, and extremely so (I won't say too much more about this, but it is noticeable)
4. The route from train to airport is longer and more complicated than at midway airport! And that does make a difference
5. The metal detectors are calibrated embarrassingly high, so all the women around me set it off
6. Real mean ladies working security

This occurred to me because I generally flip out around international travel and for totally justified reasons. Add to that a late sbahn and I was out for blood. I got to the plane though, which was oddly empty for Oslo on 15 may, but meh. Next to our gate sat an israir flight being guarded by a Bradley type military vehicle and several cop cars while spectators looked on.

Assignment to my readers:
bored? Looking for something to do? Figure out who on earth was in that plane to attract such shenanigans

The flight was plagued with unro, despite the general liquor ban on the plane. Turbulence was heavy over the water, which I filed grimly under "crap I don't need" but I remained hella stoked for seeing Oslo and jon and hearing a whole country speaking NORSK!

As many bad things as I can say against berlin's airports, so many good things I can say for oslos! Again, like Bergen, it is not all stone and glass but rather pleasant smelling woods for little reason other than to make you smil.

As we sat in the train into town the very helpful screen advertised "what's new in Oslo tonight?". The answer, among others, "mama MIA singalong!" Yup, I thought as I fiddled with the blonde wooden chair in front of me in thought, this is pretty much what I expected.

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