Friday, May 22, 2009

Where in the World is Kate?

So some of my loyal readers are probably wondering where the eff I am and why I have not regailed you all with stories of swashbuckling and shenaningans, and what I can tell you is

It is coming

Right now I am in Lausanne Switzerland with a hot cup of coffee and my boyfriend, a welcome rest after some seriously fun experiences. Here is the basic rundown of the last week:

15th-18th May- Oslo with Jon (Many stories to come, but the Cliffs Notes version is I HAD A GREAT TIME AND TOTALLY AM TOTALLY ON BOARD WITH THE NORSE VIKING SHIP!)
19th May- worked, and visited folks including new human being, Laeticia!
20th May- had last class with my "difficult" year 9s, debate practice, and then visit with Sara till 8:00
21st-24th May- Switzerland with boy-friend-o

25th-29th May- work
30th-2nd May- Epiphany celebration at friends house in the north, in a town called Ellerbrock


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