Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So I thought I would interrupt (hooray non-linear bloggos!) my regular blogging to catch you all up on something rather big in my job here. Remember that REALLY difficult class of 9th graders I have during the FIRST HOUR OF SCHOOL ON WEDNESDAY? I had my last class with them yesterday.
But Kate, you are in Germany until July! What gives?

Well, random voice, the 9th graders are packed off for the month of June to do internships in the work force for no real reason that I can see. They spend 3 weeks out of school following around professionals; I have some students going to the BILD (ugh), AirBerlin, hospitals (don't get sick here, people), and a day care center. So this week is Kate Saying Goodbye to Her 2 Ninth Graders Week. It's a little sad, but it's alsAdd Imageo kind of fun to see how they saw me.

Judging from the book put together by this class, the reactions were...well, take a look:


I felt warm about this one...this kid worked really hard this year.
Also, Texas, take note!

English Teaching: Maybe fail?

"I have never met such a crazy person like you"...I really like this one somehow. No idea who
this was

Teaching Kate-isms: it works!

I know the kid who did this, and I can say honestly say, BYE!

Awww...I like the "Yeah. Let's rock" bit especially

[Formal You] are very crazy. Bye

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