Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Day on the Slopes

Challenging myself for one last day, Phil and I ventured out to the bigger, longer, harder slopes near his home town, in a region known as Gstaad (it sounds like a bear growling!) and a town called "Chateaux D'Ex". Since I'm tired, I'll post some picts. I will, however, say that at the end of the longer path, the less-than-friendly blue slope LINKED UP WITH A RED ONE, so it was insanely hard. I am proud to report, however, that by using the pattented "Snow plow" technique I totally OWNED (or "pwned" if you are of the internets) them slopes.

This is me styling on the slopes...don't I look pleased with myself?

me at la braye

**Note: these vids aren't all from the same place, but I wanted to put them up, and the last day is probably a good dumping ground for vids from my ski-ventures**

and while we're on the subject of George W. style hubris....

Ok, so karmically I was sort of asking to break a leg or something, but I totally didn't (take THAT, universal justice!), and I learned quite a lot with the help of my beau.

After such an intellectually taxing excersize, we more than earned a trip to the spa at Saillons, (click for the link). It was actually freezing outside, so when we were in the hot outside baths, the steam was rising in billows, and people appeared as shapes in the mist, which was amazing. It was relaxing and etherial and fun and great. Of course there were people there not just to relax but to have fun, which is the origin of this great piece of dialogue:
-Go into the other outdoor pool [the one that is kept at a cooler temperature than the other two]
-I don't even go into that in the summer!
-Little bit!
People are people!
Anyway, it was fabulously wonderful to splash around there for several hours, and before we knew it, it was almost closing time, and we were insanely hungry, so we went to a very small local place and had.....

The Swiss couple next to us, sociable from the close quarters and white wine chatted us up, even instructing me on how to turn my little pitchfork-thing so that I don't waste my dipping cheese. It was a very intimate setting, very rustic and sweet, and I had a great day.

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