Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve, Y'all!

So here is a little bit of information you might not know about renting kind of sucks.

Well, I will put it another way, you can't be too shy when getting fitted for skis, largely because they are asking height, weight, and then tugging and pulling and straining to attach your ski boots (they are supposed to be tight, but if they just asked your weight and you are a lady not unlike myself...well...), but we did just this early in the morning on Christmas Eve, managing to get the place's last pair of skis in my size. There was a small problem, though, they did not have ski poles (wrhuh?) so we went on to the town where we'd be skiing, Les Pacouttes (I think that is the right spelling...French, like us, is a phonemic langage), and there a VERY nice guy lent us poles for a day for free ("I trust you!"). Turns out that is not out of the normal because this resort was a small, local number, not especially crowded or anything and out of the way. Very Swiss and nice!

I am happy to report that the first day was significantly more victorious than days past, even though there WAS a bit of this (and wouldn't you know Phil had to have the camera for just this moment):

two falls, neither of them particularly epic.

But there was also a good ammount of this:

Kate Winning

That was actually quite wonderful, and by the end of a day of training I began to figure out what people see in a sport in which you have to go against every natural instinct (ie: not to slip, to lean forward when falling, to weight your left foot when turning left) in order to do well.

Then, after a goodly nap, we went to a very nice dinner at Philippe's parents. They are good folks, and his mom went to the next level with her decorating, even folding the table napkins if you can believe. They also had a tree! My gifts were a reasonable success, so I am going to go ahead and declaire Christmas Eve a victory all around!

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