Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Visitor from the Norsks via Austria

So I got some horrible news last weekend...two pieces of it actually, and both of them truly just sad and...yeah, so I was in a place where I really wanted to be surrounded by people I loved and missed while being here. That's why I'm really grateful that Jon showed up, though show up in the midst of a sh*tshow he did.

He stayed from a Tuesday till Friday, so nicely placed between my weekend craziness and a big party Friday night...basically he landed in my social events wasteland, but I was still able to carve out time to spend with him. He was very patient with my working all the time, and here's a list in no particular order of some of the things we did:

-went to Tachlese (that place from Goodbye Lenin), which I mispronounced and which kind of seemed to blow Jon's mind in a really cute way.

-had an all-you-can-drink wine party with some "radikals" as they would be called in Norway and "comrades of mine" if you're me

-went to a really nifty little concert (brass section had some tuning/warmup issues, but that's a little AR of me) at Konzerthaus which looked amazing for Christmas (and let me tell you, the crowd provided no small source of entertainment)

-went to the Scandinavian embassies (took a while to find, but here's some picts, because I didn't bring my camera to anything else)

See, they put all of them together, and this is paraphrasing a quote from Jon that "separtely they are quite insignificant, but together they are something"...or something along that same order of magnitude. The American Bunker of Ambassadoriality it was not, but it was something, and the architecture was rather funny, leading us to speculate from the other side that it was either a manufacturing center for our robot overlords or a mental hospital.

just wandered around some corners of Berlin, went to some of my hangouts, just hung out like regular people, which was wild because I get so little time to hang out with any of my old friends anymore, and yeah...just really nice to be around one of them. Here's a partially cut off commentary from Jon on his favored moments:

Thanks for coming over, man, see you next in Oslo!

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