Saturday, December 6, 2008

Quattro Dia

Philippe and I have been to the Continent's most cliched romantic places, and we tackle them by wandering without a particular target and cutely at that. This time we hit San Marco again, but this time we went in! Traditional too to the "Look! Stairs! Let's climb them!!!" ethic, Phil steered us up to the church's museum, and, to be honest, it was actually quite neat. We got to see the painted domes from higher up, in the former "choir loft," the old tile mosaics they had to remove, and then we got to go out onto the roof/overhang!

Sadly, I couldn't wear my boobie-showing half-tank top,
and Phil couldn't go in shirtless in his hot pants...awwwwww!

Statuesque? Oh heck yes!!! ---->

Philippe looking surprised on the roof

It was raining a bit but the overall effect was stunning. Good find, boyfriendo!!

We then went on the hunt, like a cat after a mouse, for pizza though. In the process we not only found the Rialto (haha) but also Venice's one cat.

<---- Said "chat"

They're actually pretty hard to find in Venice, as opposed to "snack sized" doggies, which seem to be EVERYWHERE. Phil has a theory that I find rather accurate, that cats dislike water.

Venice = watery city
water = mad cats/cats run away
THEREFORE Venice = city of no cats

Good to know this is why people get PHDs. Just kidding, he's super smart. Then, as vacationers and people stuffed with cheese are want to do we kicked back a bit, and later we went out to find the theater where the opera to which we had tickets was taking place...then we got a beer.


Phil and I went to see The Return of Ulysses (who knew that Ulysses = Odysseus?! I didn't until 5 minutes before the end) at the opera house, and lemme tell you all, CLASSY! It was so classy that we showed up with MONACLES!


It was done with baroque instruments, old style singing, South African puppets and animation "Snowman" style on the background. It was just really cool. We were sitting in obstructed view, so we were doing all KINDS of yoga to see the action, but WORTH IT! Not all the crowd was happy though, with some of the white hairs complaining that it was not La Traviata, but I liked it quite a lot. Highly recommended, and for you all who don't speak Italian (we know who we are):

The play is the last part of The Odyssey with Odysseus dying and remembering coming home to Ithica, being picked up by a shepherd while his wife weaves away and 3 suitors vie for her attention. Odysseus shoots them and 2 songs later his wife recognizes him (this part I actually understood)

Afterwards it was out for drinks and then to sleep because we were leaving the next day.

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