Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dispatches from my iPod (something I've been meaning to put up for a while)

Overheard in class of particularly smug teacher:
They were first Americans
First gemerATION American (smile)

According to a friend:
"Americans in German movies are like you, very enthusiastic"

Why is it that when someone is clearly having an internal problem we have to all pretend "no way, it is so HOT in here" even though it's freezing?!?
Can't we just say "nope, it's just you, sorry"?

Fist clenching moment du jour:
When the woman at the jankey grocery store in line in front of me buys $3.50 worth of stuff with a credit card while the long line of xberg-ers behind her glares at her yuppie display with such ferocity that the back of MY head hurt.

When Hertha, berlin's soccer team, got a win on the same day as the two teams closest to them in ranks #2 and 3 were either tying or having a bad day, the tv announcers on the subway said "Hertha #1! At least until Sunday evening [when team #1 had THEIR weekly game]." that, babies, is good old fashioned, German, "don't get too comfortable or pleased with yourself" viewpoint.

Germans do get mono, but they call it something else

When informed unnecessarily loudly by a guard that we couldn't touch the kids' mosaic exhibit, Philippe noted
"a children's museum where you can't touch anything!"
"Well, it IS a GERMAN children's museum."

A Canadian kid was like randomly in class today. Teacher asks
"why are you in my class?"
and he responds
"because I was tired of baking".
after a long, awkward pause, I accepted this.

Great discovery of the day:
I can type up blog entries on my mp3 player while in line and on my hour long commute! Yay rachel maddow and blogging!

I AM part of the problem

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