Monday, April 27, 2009

Rcmct: happy bjirthday!

So Philippe had noticed before we left that it was going to be the Queen of Denmark's birthday on our last day, so we casually planned to wander over to the royal grounds to see the nice lady after some strolling.

We started her birthday at the botanical gardens close to the royal military training building...or something that serves a similar function.

coffee? It didn't taste like it

We noticed there a pack of Danish military in full dress trying to find a line. We stood by watching, as they formed up, the band came out, and more "where am I supposed to stand?" ensued. We are both no strangers to marching band, so we watched with a good deal of sympathy. When they processed out, I figured "why not follow them?". Phil very kindly obliged.

What then happened was the 6 piccolo, 3 trumpet band wandered they snakes through the old city, picking up smiling, blond citizens along the way. It was so cute to see all the adults and kids with their flags sharply processing; something else I like about these traditions is that it allows people to celebrate their country without being militaristic (America, France) or creepy (errr...), it makes me smile.

We then reached the palace, which was totally full of people, some more Danish than others

Australia? Really?!?

And we jostled and waited for Margaret to come out and wave. I noted that there were so many people but no snipers in the perches, but then I remembered the line that a certain Nordic king at one point "had 4 million bodyguards".

Some time later, she finally emerged, waving to the crowd like a beauty queen in a nice pink sash.
The tradition is that she comes out to make an appearance,
and then she goes back inside,
but we are supposed to sit there and wave more
and yell louder
like "If you don't come out then we won't go home!"
and then she obliges.

We did not stick around for the second encore though, since Phil had a train to catch, and we had yet to tear into one of the famous Danish open-faced sandwiches, so we ran off to Nyhavn for a wonderful nosh as the band played the Danish national anthem and of course "HaPpYbIrthDaY ". Cute, nah?

any day is a good day for a parade

pretty sure this is some kind of anthem...of something

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