Sunday, April 19, 2009

RCMCT: Parks...and More Parks

So if you're in Copenhagen, it is sort of required that you pay homage to the Little Mermaid. I've done it, mom probably did it, you just have to, so Phil and I schlepped up there, to her lonely perch on the far side of town, stopping by some of the bigger state buildings/royal properties along the way:

out by the palace

and then...she was there, looking sad and wistful even as the sun touched our skin, the skies shone bright blue, and the attention swirled around her

the Little Mermaid's older and less little
brother, pondering why no one ever
stops to take pictures in front of him

We didn't dally, since one half of our group--I won't say who--didn't grow up with a picture book translation of the story and therefore didn't get the same chills in his spine as I did. Then it was off to another destination, a park next to the National Art Museum for a picnic lunch. The weather the whole time was terrifyingly nice for a Danish spring. Yes, we had to wear spring jackets, but the sky was often cloudless, and I am of the opinion that I look stunning in an H&M corduroy jacket, so a win all around. We sat in the sun on a lovely Easter Monday in a nice park, and then like a storm they fell upon us


Two of them, breathing so heavily that the onomatopoeia "snerk" would best describe. He and his roley poley lady-pug-friend came running into us like comments, burying their faces into our bag of cookies and standing there, snerking and waiting to be played with while their owner yelled "Sorry! We don't feed them!" Hehe.

We sat there some time more, reading and sunning before taking in an exhibition on Freddie and Surrealism [more on that later]. When we emerged properly confused and turned around, we hit another park! It was the King's Garden, full of Danes playing, smoking, throwing large wooden sticks (explanations welcome!) an socializing their energetic doggies:

2 weenie dogs on crack + 1 corgi = awesome

It was very pleasant to just be amidst the relaxed folks, cheerful and chill people speaking a language that is difficult to take seriously. We even had time for a little vocabulary practice:

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