Sunday, April 19, 2009

RCMCT: Deja Vu

"I've been here before." I found myself thinking this quite often as we strolled through Copenhagen. It's actually a very pleasant thought in this case, because my first trip to Copenhagen was so wonderful, and part of my goal for this trip was to communicate to Philippe my love of the place. In that spirit we spent multiple nights in the cool quarter of Nørrebro, a great corner. I passed by Sankt Hans Torv, Rust and Asistens Cemetery. I ate again in the Laundromat Cafe, in which a sign now shows Barack Obama and says "We congradulate you sir, and if you and your family come by for lunch, it's on the house." I had a heavenly crab salad, not dans la maison though.

Another night we walked through the alarmingly nice weather to Kate's Joint, an almost-out-of-the-way Indian fusion restaurant with modestly-priced eaties.

I think this caught Phil by surprise a bit, this hip edge to the town, that encouraged us to grab a licorice ice cream (that's right, you read it right) and wander about. I suppose he expected something a bit more...rustic, Vikingy, which I too had been expecting when I first came over. Also surprising to me was how well I remembered the routes, the roads over the lakes, through the quarters, like a magnet was moving just under my feet, directing me to my "old haunts." I love saying that, even though it's almost totally wrong. I was just there a handful of days some years ago.

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